Writing Samples

Here is where you can find my writing samples. My experience as a social media intern and coordinator has widely increased and varied my social copywriting abilties, but my time as the Editor of the Arts & Life section of The Last Word FSU and the social media/communications intern for TheVinylDistrict.com helped improve my journalistic writing skills. Below are some of the works I'm most proud of.



These are the pieces I wrote while serving as The Last Word FSU's Arts & Life section editor. The style of these pieces range from a punchy Katy Perry review to a light piece on vinyl record collecting, down to more serious journalistic coverage of an on-campus group's national success.


the vinyl district - Social media & communications intern
SEPTEMBER 2015 - MAY 2016

I wrote these two pieces for TheVinylDistrict.com while interning remotely with the site. The first is talks about an event in LA about vinyl record collecting; the second is a review of a Zella Day performance that I was able to review via live streaming and recordings from concert attendees and my boss.



These articles and pieces come from things I have done during my college career that I feel are cool to showcase. The first my final project from an Account Planning course I took at FSU. I was tasked with doing primary research to uncover insights about a particular brand or product, and use those insights to draft a report about my findings. I chose to do my project on popular fast food chain Sonic to determine how college students in Tallahassee feel about it. 

The second link is to a report I generated for a friend who launched a start-up and needed social media marketing advice. During my time as a social media coordinator for the ASLC, I have found my own personal rhythm for doing social and this explains that process. This friend wanted to know how I do things as a social coordinator and wanted me to include personal tips and tricks that aid the social media management process. 

The third is a eulogy I wrote for a teacher I had in middle school. 5 or so years ago she passed away after a rough battle with cancer. Although I did not actually speak at her funeral, this is a speech I would have given. I wrote for a speech class I took at FSU, but I would be lying if I didn't cry just as hard while giving it.