Social media improvements:
Askew Student Life Center

Although I am still a social media coordinator for the Askew Student Life Center (ASLC), I have made great strides in the follower counts, average engagement levels and overall impressions. I have included charts to illustrate the improvements I have brought to the followers and engagement levels, in addition to streams of the channels themselves.


The Stats

As a social media coordinator for the ASLC, I have improved the following statistics attached to the accounts I took on. I am still employed here and I definitely expect to see even more improvements to the follower counts and engagement levels, but this is what I achieved since beginning in May.


Instagram followers

Twitter followers

Average Twitter Engagaments


The Channels

Below are the two live channels I run as a social media coordinator for the ASLC. In addition, I run the ASLC Snapchat and handle live videos every so often as we see fit. As social media coordinator, it is my responsibility to write all copy for these two platforms; the graphic design work belongs to the ASLC graphic designers.

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